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:new:What do you mean by "Dreams"?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Because this theme is soo general it can literally be whatever you want. It could either refer to a scene from a dream (surrealism, etc.) or a dream someone has of the future. Either one works, just note yuuike to confirm it so they don't overlap.

:new:What do you want me to draw?
Please read the Rules & Guidelines here

:new:Am I allowed to have a double-spread?
Yes, but of course there are only limited spots for those. If you are interested please note yuuike about it.

:new:What is the favorites folder for?
The favorites folders are just a collection of art works for INSPIRATION, they are what we consider as dream-like. But these are in NO WAY a standard or what we expect from the artists as everyone have different styles.

Will participating artists get a free copy of the book?
This will be determined depending on the amount of pre-orders or how successful the artbook is, we will try our best to ensure that all participating artist will get their own copy but at this stage we can’t promise anything. All artists are guaranteed a final pdf copy of the artbook.

Is traditional media allowed?
Yes by all means,  as long as it can be converted into a digital file. The final product must still follow the format and rules listed, and the image must be clean. Photography or photo manipulations are not allowed. Keep in mind that it must be in color.

Can I participate in this artbook even if I’m not an invited artist?
Yes, not now but there will definitely be opportunities to join later on, we will most likely hold either a contest for the members of the group or something similar so stay tuned!

What is the price of the artbook?
We are estimating a price around the $35-40 range (not including shipping)

Can I make a donation?
Yes! All donations are very much appreciated! Please contact us on how to donate.

When are pre-orders opening?
Preorders will open around July, we are not sure of the exact date yet

What happens to the money you make from donations and selling this artbook?
All profits will go directly to Dreams Come True Charity, this means that the money we get will be used to cover the printing and shipping costs and the rest will all be donated. We will give you guys a financial information sheet in the end so you can be rest assured that all is going to charity.

Do I still have the rights to use the art I drew for the book commercially?
Yes of course! You may do anything with the art piece after the book has been published and sold, the copy right is still yours.

If there’s any more questions please do either note the group or :iconyuuike: or comment below
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April 20, 2014


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